Miles Erickson

I actually feel better than I did the first time...even though the first surgery was done by the inventor, I think Dr. Pandya did a better job. The only medication I’m taking for pain is Extra Strength Tylenol. After the surgery I walked to my car and I didn't feel too bad about it.

- Miles Erickson


I use to accumulate acid in the night time. In the morning I would vomit all that acid. Thanks to the surgery that problem is completely gone. I suffered for 18 years. I am happy that I had this surgery.

- M.M.


I had heartburn for fifteen years. I had been taking heartburn medication for ten years. I saw an article in the paper and decided to see Dr. Pandya. Now I can drink my orange juice and eat spicy food.



My heart doctor referred me to Dr. Pandya’s office. I suffered from heartburn for about 3 or 4 years. After the surgery I feel much better. For me Dr. Pandya is like my guardian Angel.



Doctors would give me medication and said that they would help. I came to Dr. Pandya and had surgery. My acid reflux went away immediately. I wish that all people find out about Dr. Pandya’s work and come to him for help.

- A.M.


I used to suffer after lunch everyday, and at night. Now all that is gone. No acid reflux. I had the surgery and I have seen the difference in me. Thanks Dr. Pandya!

- A.C.


I was a disaster. I had suffered with heartburn for over 20 years. My stomach was on fire. Dr. Pandya performed the surgery in January 2011, and I have been heartburn free since. It’s a great feeling.



“Dr. Pandya is my knight in shinning armor. I had acid reflux and was sick all the time. If I ate, the acid would come up in my mouth and also when I was sleeping. I was throwing up a lot, losing weight and the medications were not working. I went to Dr. Pandya with my problems. He performed the special surgery and now I have no heartburn or acid reflux. Thank you, Dr. Pandya, for making me well again! Dr. Pandya has patients coming from many locations including Santa Barbara and Washington State. He can do many different surgeries like skin cancer, hernia repair, gall stone surgery, breast cancer surgery. He is the best!”



For seven years I lived with gastro esophageal reflux disorder (Barrett's). I had appointments with many doctors (UCLA- 5 trips). Result- medications - Pepcid, Zantac, Prevacid, Nexium, Pepto Bismol, Baking Soda, and Omeprazol. The problem was always there. Dr. Vemuri referred me to Dr. Pandya, he could help. I reached the point this was my last effort for help come 2014. I did not and would not spend another year like the past and even share with friends. 2014 was my last.

Reaction to foods: heartburn, chest pain (heart attack?), difficulty swallowing, regurgitation. There was no social life because of embarrassment, also laryngitis.

Nov 4, 2013 Dr. Pandya's surgery has given me a whole new life. everyday holds excitement. I attended a wedding since and had a beautiful time eating and sharing. No heartburn, and absolutely none of the symptoms I had before have returned. Had I not gone to the last appointment esophageal cancer may have been next- I would not be here to know.

I am truly grateful, thankful for Dr. Pandya. His great skills opened the door to happiness, fun and loving life.


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