Natraj Surgery Center

We provide a variety of locations to our patients to accomodate their comfort and convenience.

Office : Dr. Pandya typically evaluates and consults with patients in office and these are scheduled appointments. The office staff try to accommodate our patients as much as possible.

For all new patients, prior registration is required. For information on how to pre register, you may call our office at (559) 782-8533

Natraj Surgery Center : Owned and operated by Dr. Pandya, Natraj Surgery Center is an approved licenced ambulatory surgery center. The setting of the facility is very private and comfortable for both patients and staff alike. In the Natraj Surgery Center, Dr. Pandya performs many out patient surgical procedures that would otherwise require admission to a hospital.

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Sierra-View Medical Center : If hospital admission is necessary, Dr. Pandya admits patients to Sierra-View Medical Center. This is a public acute care hospital operated by elected Board of Directors, including Dr. Pandya who currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. Sierra-View Medical Center is located in Porterville, CA, directly down the street from Natraj Surgical Center.




For information regarding appointments or questions you have, feel free to contact our office at (559) 782-8533.

For all your questions please call us at (559) 782 8533 Contact Us

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