Bard Kugel Hernia Patch

  • Small 3-4 cm incision
  • Covers the entire groin region, reducing risk of recurrence or missed hernias
  • Memory recoil ring helps patch spring open and maintain shape
  • Same mesh placement as in a laparoscopic repair without the potential costs and complications
  • “Near sutureless” repair reduces time-consuming suturing
  • Low recurrence rate
  • Results in minimal post-operative pain
The Bard Kugel Patch technique offers a cost-effective alternative to laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair for surgeons who want a true preperitoneal repair. It is preformed via an open posterior approach to the preperitoneal plane using local or regional anesthesia. The dissection of the space is the same as in a laparoscopic TEP repair except digital dissection is used in place of a balloon dissector to provide direct visualization. The Bard Kugel Patch is constructed of a double layer of monofilament polypropylene. This construction creates a positioning pocket, which is used to guide the patch into proper placement. The patch also contains a patented “memory recoil” ring that allows the patch to spring open and maintain its shape. (C.R. Bard, INC, 2007)
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