Community Service

Community and Professional Service:

It is Doctor Pandya’s firm belief that, in order to keep healthy balance in our lives there should be a win-win, give and take with the community where we thrive, raise our children and prosper. The following are some ways Dr. Pandya gives back:

Pandya Family Foundation: In 2007 Mrs. And Dr. Pandya donated their funds and established Pandya Family Foundation, a charitable organization approved by IRS. Mission of PFF is to help improve access to health care by promoting and supporting health care careers education. Please Click here to go to Pandya Family Foundation web site

Walk with a Doc program in Porterville: In 2013 Dr. Pandya helped start a Walk With A Doc program in Porterville. Walking is free medicine and regular walking improves quality of life.

Board of Director: Sierra View Medical Center. Dr. Pandya is a Director of the Board of Sierra View Medical Center. The community hospital is usually in the center of the local health care management system for the community and Sierra View District hospital is no exception. Over 150,000 residents of the district depend on the hospital for routine and critical health care. Link:

Porterville Medical Reserve Corp:

Past Director Porterville College Foundation:

Paul Harris Fellow Rotary Club of Porterville:

Past President Tulare County Medical Society:

Delegate California Medical Association House of Delegates:

Past President of CMA President’s forum.

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