Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a commonly occuring problem among women. Fortunately, today we have effective early detection methods available to identify breast cancer even in early stages. Early detection allows us to treat the breast cancer with improved effectiveness and with better long term outcomes.

The signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer include a painless lump in the breast that increases in size, dimpling of the skin as the cancer pulls on the underlying tissue, retracted nipple, and bloody discharge from the nipple.

All women should learn how to do self breast examination on a monthly basis. If you find a lump in your breast and if it is increasing in size, then it is important for you to make an appointment to have your doctor evaluate the lump for a diagnosis. If you want to learn how to do breast self examination click here.

When you see your doctor, the doctor may order a mammogram. Mammogram is a sophisticated x ray of the breast. This is usually interpreted by a qualified radiologist. Based on the findings, the doctor may refer you to a surgeon, such as Dr. Pandya, who can take a sample of the suspicious tissue and get it analyzed to make a diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made Dr. Pandya can advise you on the best options available to you for further evaluation and management.


If you suspect that you or someone you know have a suspicious mass in a breast, make an appointment with Dr. Pandya by calling our office at (559) 782 8533


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